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Premier Oxygen Bar of Dallas

Where it's OK to Inhale

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Oxygen Therapy

Create Optimal Health and Eliminate Disease

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What to Expect

At Your First Oxygen Bar Session

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Hollywood Bottled Oxygen Fad

Rejuvenate your skin and reduce stress

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Exercise With Oxygen Therapy

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You can live three weeks without food, you can live three days without water, try to live three minutes without Oxygen!


Exercising while breathing supplemental oxygen may greatly increase the amount of oxygen in the blood plasma.

Hangover Cure

If you’ve ever suffered from a hangover on a day when you had a lot to get done, you know that you’d try just about anything to make it go away!

Increase Metabolism and Lose Weight

You need to have Oxygen present to burn your stored fat as fuel.

Fatigue and Sleep Disorders

Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia symptoms are caused by the failure of the cells to transport oxygen

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Oxygen Therapy for Athletes

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